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Clarence Hoffman founded this business in 1987 along with his two sons, Rick and Jerry. For 25 years prior to that Clarence had worked in the family sawmill business with his father and brothers. Lumber is part of the Hoffman family heritage.

His sons were raised around the lumber business. Rick graduated from the NHLA resident program in Memphis (1981). He has continued to develop broad knowledge and skill in all facets of lumber processing. Rick currently serves as sales director. Jerry received specialized training in lumber drying and manages the operation of our kilns as well as overseeing yard operations.

At the beginning we mainly served the green lumber markets by offering our expert grading and reselling capability. In 1988 we undertook a major expansion by diversifying into the drying lumber. We placed into service two new conventional steam heated kilns each with a capacity of 70,000 bft. In 1991 we sensed the growing need for entry into the export market. In response to this we added a 750,000 bft pre-dryer to enhance quality in uniform color and texture and meet the more demanding requirements of the export market. The business continued to press forward and grow with a constant view toward the future. As our customer base expanded and our product quality became well known and established, once again we decided to expand. In 1997 we added two more 70,000 bft kilns to bring our total drying capacity to 1,000,000 ft. Currently we dry 5 million ft per year. The majority of our lumber is Appalachian red and white oak. Please visit our products page to get a more complete picture of our offerings.